•Support thoughtful, authentic, creative programs, activities, communications, and displays relative to Dutch heritage in ways that enhance the cultural, social, educational and spiritual life of the community.
•Encourage mutual support and cooperation among its members.
•Serve as a catalyst for timely and effective contacts with the Dutch government, universities, and other appropriate organizations in the Netherlands.
•Promote timely and effective contacts with other regional and national organizations involved in Dutch heritage.
•Encourage other entities in the area that have an interest in Dutch heritage, such as churches and local communities, to participate in DHCC.
•Provide opportunities for the general public to be informed and involved in Dutch heritage.

How will the DHCC accomplish its Mission and Goals?
•Create a website to provide information to the public about Dutch heritage resources and contacts and any other relevant information about Dutch heritage in the area.
•Create and maintain a community calendar of Dutch heritage events and programs.
•Meet on a regular basis and keep good meeting records. Members will be accountable to each other and to their member organizations as to attendance and follow up efforts on action items.

What does the term “Dutch Heritage” refer to for DHCC purposes?
•The life and culture of the Netherlands past and present.
•The community and culture that Dutch immigrants developed in America.
•Current interactions between residents in the greater Holland/Zeeland Area and individuals and organizations in the Netherlands.

When was The Dutch Heritage Coordinating Council established?
The DHCC was established on September 1, 2009 by the founding organizations and members (see below) following a year of discussions about the need for and purposes of the new organization. At present, the DHCC is an informal volunteer organization which draws together leaders from Holland and Zeeland organizations concerned with Dutch heritage to meet on a regular basis to address and achieve the Mission and Goals of the organization.

What organizations founded the DHCC? 
Holland Historical Trust
Joint Archives of Holland
Tulip Time Festival
Van Raalte Institute
Zeeland Historical Society

Who serves as Board Members of the DHCC?

Founding Organizations’ Members:
Holland Museum/Holland Historical Trust: Janet De Young
Joint Archives of Holland: Geoff Reynolds
Tulip Time Festival: Gwen Auwerda
Van Raalte Institute: Elton Bruins
Zeeland Historical Society: Thom Parker

Alisa Crawford, Windmill Island Gardens
Ann Nieuwkoop, Western Theological Seminary
Calvin Hoogstra, Graafschap CRC Heritage Center
Diane Van Lopik, Nelis’ Dutch Village
Thom Parker, Zeeland Historical Society
Elton J. Bruins, Member at Large, Van Raalte Institute
Geoffrey D. Reynolds, Joint Archives of Holland
Gwen Auwerda, Tulip Time
Elton Bruins, Van Raalte Institute (Secretary-Treasurer)
Jodi Syens, Member at Large, City of Holland (Chairperson of the Executive Committee and the Council)
Matt Helmus, Member at Large, Windmill Island Gardens
Kit Karsten, Member at Large, City of Zeeland
Mayor Emeritus Les Hoogland, Member at Large
Mayor Kevin Klynstra, City of Zeeland
Mayor Nancy De Boer, City of Holland
Nella Kennedy, Member at Large, City of Holland
Richard Veenhoven, Member at Large, City of Holland
Sally Laukitis, Holland Convention and Visitors Bureau
Janet De Young, Holland Museum/Holland Historical Trust
Connie Locker, Holland Museum/Holland Historical Trust

Public Members:
Les Hoogland
Kit Karsten
Nella Kennedy
Rick Veenhoven

Liaison Persons:
City of Holland Appointee: Mayor Nancy De Boer
City of Zeeland Appointee: Mayor Kevin Klynstra


What is the Mission of The Dutch Heritage Coordinating Council?

To provide a forum to further the preservation and promotion of Dutch Heritage in the Greater Holland/Zeeland Michigan Area.

What are the key Goals of the Dutch Heritage Coordinating Council?